The Linq @ Beauty World To Preview On 31 Oct

Situated at Upper Bukit Timah Rd, the Area 21 venture is put together through Alika Properties. The project will feature fifty three commercial units across the 1st and also 2nd level and a hundred and twenty non commercial units from the sixth to 20th floor.

Permanent property combining residential and commercial development The Linq @ Beauty World is certain to begin its show room for preview 31 October 2020 by pre-booked timings only.

The M – showflat location

Those that seal the deal first hand, rates for the one-bedroom units begin with $980K, $1.2 million for the two-bedders, $1.6 million for the 3 bedrooms and $2.7 mil for the four-bedders.

1 bedder as well as 4 bedroom units will measure 431 square foot and 1,346 sq ft, individually. Sizings for the two-bedroom units, alternatively, begin with 549 square foot as well as 797 sq ft for the three-bedders.

Fifty percent of the units are going to be overseeing the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, whereas the remaining half will have looks of the condo’s pool. All units are North-South fronting.

The Linq @ Beauty World is furthermore very near to the Pan Island Expressway plus BKE.

There is additionally an extravagance yoga patio and a jogging footpath at the fourth floor.

The Linq @ Beauty World’s display house lies at 118 Upp Bukit Timah Rd, with the entryway along Bt Timah Link.

The fifth level of the condo is the location of the scenery and features are located such as an observing platform, 30m endless looking swimming pool, children’s pool, jacuzzi, social activities area, personal gym and also a pre-function entrance hall.

The units will be equipped utilizing automatic control of home appliances system namely a/c control, digital door knobs and even smart gateways with private area network along with rotate camera. The home kitchens will likewise be readied by having prime refrigerators, electric hots, washing machine + dryer and integrated stoves by BOSCH.

Situated alongside future Beauty World ITH, the advancement will feature through underground connection towards the Beauty World MRT which at the same time connects to ITH and that will contain retail facilities together with bus depot.

Proximate institutions include the Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, National University of Singapore, SIM and also NP.

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